About Friends of Canadian Golf

Friends of Canadian Golf supports golf courses, associations and golfers across Canada, and is a hub to share concerns, and overall toot the horn about how great golf really is!

Members of Friends of Canadian Golf are individuals who believe that golf is among the greatest of games. Golf inspires fellowship on and off the greens, friendly competition and honor system, with a culture for proper etiquette toward one another and the great outdoors.

The golf course is not only a playing ground for golf shots, but also an exemplary piece of fauna and flora to be enjoyed as a valued guest. Across Canada our numerous golf courses provide the opportunity to learn the game at any skill level, breathe fresh air, make new friends, and return for a consistently gratifying experience in our natural environment.


Friends of Canadian Golf stands by the traditional values inherent in the game, including honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, and courtesy. Simple courtesies among players continue to thrive, such as playing safely and promptly, replacing divots, raking bunker footprints, calling penalties on oneself, and keeping silent during a swing.

With the history of the game, the natural environment, and golf etiquette in mind, the mission of Friends of Canadian Golf is to share concerns that impact golfers and rally together for the great game of golf.